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About our Memberships

Membership of SporTedd is not limited geographically and is set at an annual subscription of £100.

This obviously allows all members and however many guests they wish to invite to our main fund-raising dinners but also to a small number of exclusive Members Only events with a special guest, not necessarily from the world of sport.

For more details of membership please email our Membership Secretary Fran Thornber at

How to apply

Our Criteria:

Our overall objective is to provide grant funding that promotes sport and physical exercise for the lasting benefit of our local community across the Borough of Richmond upon Thames where such funding is not readily available or accessible. We will be receptive to the occasional exception if we feel there is a very strong case. In normal circumstances, we would expect to provide funding:


  1. to local sports clubs, schools, associations, charities and other not for profit bodies but not to individuals
  2. to fund equipment and kit which will be used in relation to sport and/or other physical exercise and which will be available for use year upon year; and where there is a genuine social need, but NOT for operating costs, coaches, travel etc.
  3. we will require recognition of the allocated funds and evidence of the use of funds as applied for and deployed

Size of grants:

Overall, the amount of grants we can make is limited by the total of the funds that we raise. As regards individual grants while we have not set any fixed parameters to date these have tended to fall within the range £500 to £2000.

Making an application

To make an application for a SporTedd grant please click here.